It’s the Father’s Day Week!

Kidnap your Dad, or anyone (especially Steak and WhiskEy lovers), for that matter, and head down here to Steakout this coming week!

From 13th June to 19th June 2016, simply order a Premium Steak Main (Angus ribeye, Tenderloin, or Porterhouse) and enjoy 40% off any WhiskEys at our Bar.  Unlimited orders accepted.

On top of this, on 19th June itself, we will be giving a WhiskEy Diamond out to diners spending $88 (yes, we couldn’t resist the 爸爸 pun) and above; A practical and COOL gift for Dad! See you soon Steakholders!

Father's Day

*Terms & Conditions Apply.

*WhiskEy Diamonds and WhiskEys are Subject fo Stock Availability.

*The 40% discount overrides Happy Hour Rates and are mutually exclusive.

Tenderloin Times: Free Soup Set Upsize + Tipples Tally-Ho!



Happy May 2016 y’all, because it’s time for one of your favourite deals at Steakout! We received a lot of interest during the previous run, and people have been asking for us to bring it back. So here it is, and we’ve added a little something-something extra, too.

It’s Tenderloin Times at Steakout!

For every Love-Me Tenderloin, St. Louis Pork Ribs, or Grilled Salmon, you get:

♥ free Soup Set upsize (Soup + Drink)

♥ free Cupcake (Coffee or Carrot-Walnut)

and if you’d like some tipples instead (first glass only):

♥ add $2 for 250ml of any of our beers, or

♥ add $4 for one glass of any of our wines.

The (cup)cake is not a lie:

The (cup)cake is not a lie.


This offer is exclusively available for online reservations in May 2016!

Make your reservations today, and tell us what you’ll be having, so we can stock your favourite food ahead of time. Please note you will also need to make your reservation at least 24 hours in advance of your preferred timings. Walk-in customers are not eligible; we don’t want anyone to be disappointed! Please remember to enter your promo code into your reservation message.

One more thing – when making your reservations online, do keep “Yes, I want to receive personal offers from the restaurant” selected. We know you’re really busy, and we just want to keep you updated on our special deals. We’re thinking of running exclusive offers for our steakholders in the future, and this really helps us plan for better offers for our special fans!

Hashtag #steakout and #tenderlointimes when sharing pictures and posts, mmkay?

See you at Steakout!

Whisky / Whiskey Diamond Giveaway

For Whisk(e)y lovers who like their drink chilled, but not watered down as it happens when it comes on the rocks, you’re in luck: Today onward, we are giving away Food Grade Stainless Steel (304) Whisk(e)y ‘Diamond’s! Patrons will get One (1) FREE for every $30 spent on… what else? Whisk(e)y! Come down now to drink and be merry with your friends, and bring some of these gems home.

Whiskey Diamond

*Terms & Conditions Apply.

*While Stocks Last.

*Redemption is strictly for those with a minimum spending of $30 on Whisk(e)y items only. Other Food & Beverage items cannot be included and will not qualify. Every $30 spent on Whisk(e)y will qualify for a redemption of One (1) Whisk(e)y ‘Diamond’ (i.e. $60 for 2, $90 for 3, etc.).

Festive Season’s Offerings

Here are our latest additions to our menu from today onward, for a limited period only!

We have our Season’s Combo at $39.90:
– Pork Ribs
– 6 pcs of Turkey Breast Ham
– 6 skewers of your choice
(Maraschino Cherry / Cherry Tomato / Quail’s Egg)
– Fruit Salad (Mango, Grapes and Apple)

and a lighter Season’s Delight at $13.90:
– 4 pcs of Turkey Breast Ham
– 4 skewers of your choice
(Maraschino Cherry / Cherry Tomato / Quail’s Egg)
– Fruit Salad (Mango, Grapes and Apple)

Take your pick! Hohoho!


* Terms & Conditions Apply.

* Skewers & Ham may be purchased separately, please ask our staff for more details.

* Both items are considered normal full priced items, hence do not affect other ongoing promotions.

Steakout X’mas Promotions!

‘Tis the season to be Jolly! There is not one, but TWO Christmas Promotions running for the month of December for you to choose from:

1. 25% off ALL Liquor and Liqueur-Ice items.
2. Awesome Freebies: A Limited Edition STEAKOUT X SG50 8GB Flash Drive with a minimum spend of $100 / A Novelty Pocket LED Light with a minimum spend of $50.

Christmas Promo

* Terms & Conditions Apply.

* The 2 promotions are mutually exclusive; Choosing 1 will preclude the other. (e.g. If there are discounts on your bill, you will not be eligible for the minimum spending gifts.)

* Liquor and Liqueur-Ice flavours are Subject to Stock Availability.

* Applicable for All Days and Hours, Precedes Happy Hour Rates.

* Mixers can be ordered Ala-carte from the menu, at full price.

* Gifts are on a first come, first served, basis. While Stocks Last.

* Limited to 1 Gift per bill.





Best Alcohol Deal of the Year!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, here it is! 25% off All Alcohol (including alcoholic dessert Liqueur-Ice). This promotion will run from 9th November through to 30th November 2015. Do pop down with your friends for a merry gathering! But remember, Drink Responsibly.

alcohol deal

* Terms and Conditions Apply.

* Subject to Stock Availability.

* Applicable for All Days and Hours, Precedes Happy Hour Rates.

* Mixers can be ordered Ala-carte from the menu, at full price.



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