What Makes Our Steak & Comfort Food So Good?

We’ve been here since 2011, and discovered that nothing says comfort like a mixture of:
– Good quality, fresh ingredients
– Loving care in preparation
– Elegant simplicity in presentation, and
– A touch of familiarity.

And good steak? A flaming grill, great cuts of fresh beef, sprinkled with a dash of salt and pepper.
Our beef is from Australia and New Zealand. Our steaks are chilled and not frozen, because we believe in the freshest of beefy flavours for all our customers.

Our Bar Menu is updated regularly for the latest offerings, and is available on our chalk wall; Happy Hours are from Sundays to Thursdays 1130-1730 hrs (excluding public holiday eves and public holidays).

Oh, and we don’t charge GST, nor do we believe in service charges. Drop a tip in the jar if you loved your dining experience.

Drop by and enjoy some comfort food & drink for your soul at great value today. See you soon, Steakholders!


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